Wouldn’t you feel touched if you happened to find the rubber toy of Giumbolo, Johnny the Dachshund, Topo Gigio, or the blue hippo of the Pampers carousel, but also all the characters of the past editions of Walt Disney, from Mickey Mouse to Bamby, from the Aristocats to Lady and the Tramp?
It is just the past generation, yet it took very little to play and have fun, like a rubber toy, which came to life in the hands of a child, and after going through a thousand adventures it ended up marking its presence with the unmistakable “phiiiiifi”, that very high-pitched horn-like sound that hissed every time the toy was pressed. 
Raise your hand if you haven’t still a toy like that, the one you were most fond of, the one you received as a gift from Santa Claus, the one that was kept aside to pass it on to your son one day.
Fabrizio Fontanella, a Venetian passionate about vintage toys, started 30 years ago to keep them aside, and currently he has collected the remarkable amount of 5000 pieces. Now, as it’s normal to do with toys, Fabrizio shares them: for enthusiasts, children, their parents, this is how Creature di Gomma – Venice Vintage Toys, the Museum of Vintage Toys in the heart of Venice, was born. It is in Calle della Vida, a stone’s throw from the railway station. The room is conceived in a modern and functional way, 150 square meters where the exhibition is supported by audiovisual and in-depth material, a small world designed to take a step back to when we were cheerful. A one-of-a-kind museum, nostalgic but well organized, which divides the provenance of the toys into specific categories: it focuses on the 60s, 70s and 80s of the last century with particular attention to television animation, both cartoons but also unforgettable carousels. The section dedicated to cinema is scenographic with an imposing cast iron projector from the middle of the last century alongside television personalities such as Mike Bongiorno, Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Oil. And then the timeless robots, including a 2 meter high UFO Robot Grendizer that stands out in the room, recalling long afternoons at home watching TV to follow their adventures. Creature di Gomma – Venice Vintage Toys involves and enchants children in other ways too: it is in fact also a cultural association that organizes events, meetings with authors and collaborations with local schools, promoting educational and laboratory activities to discover the world of toys, their creation and production. Could such a museum have not a mascot? El Panta is a funny Venetian mouse who lives in a den in the museum and in the night he goes out to find old toys to give them new life and a place in the ehxibit. The cartoonist Giorgio Cavazzano was the first to give him a graphic identity with a really nice sketch, and after him Guido De Maria and the cartoonist Lorenzo De Pretto did the same. A visit to this magic place is definitely worth it: there is always time to become a child again. Whem museum reopens, Venice Vintage Toys wil be open every day only by reservation. Please reserve calling numbers +39 347 4287621 or
+39 328 4633113 or send a request email to info@creaturedigomma.com.